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Francesco Mosso arrived in Santa Fé, Argentina from Turin, Italy, in 1860 leading a Piedmontese immigrant colony. A few years later he brought along his wife Francisca Ghietti and two eldest sons, Juan Bautista and Antonio.

After a rather lengthy farming period in Santa Fe, the famiglia settled in Mendoza, where they became devoted to viticulture. They initially rented a winery located in Guaymallén, and later on they bought a winery in Chacras de Coria. By that time they started to produce a Turin-style vermouth, which years later would became famous and gave immense prestige to the winery. At this time Mendoza was already Argentina´s main viticultural region.


In 1909 the brothers Juan Bautista Mosso and Antonio Mosso finally built their own winery in Luján de Cuyo, with production capacity of five million liters. The wines were produced from French grapes, today known as Malbec, grown in their own 208-hectare estate located in Lunlunta, Maipú, Mendoza. In the forties and fifties, the wine was transported to Buenos Aires using 225-litres barrels under the brands Mosso, Adela, Ministro y Tijera, from where it was distributed throughout the country. By then Argentina´s economy began to experience several booms and melt-downs, including hyper-inflation, dollar-pegged peso, etc... The tribulations and trials of the economy significantly reduced the company´s assets; but the owners never tried bankruptcy tricks

The winery closed its doors after 82 years of hard work, leaving in its descendents a deep wound of work tenacity and austerity.

In 2002 Ernesto Mosso and Pablo Mosso, Juan Bautista and Antonio´s respective great-grandchildren,  followed the family tradition and began producing wines in a winery located in Chacras de Coria. Their flagship wine is Malbec, which is produced the family´s old vines grown in Lunlunta. By Appellation Law # 25.163, Mosso Estate, located in Azcuenaga s/n, Lunlunta, Maipú, Mendoza Province, had obtained from the I.N.V. (National Institute of Viticulture), certified by Resolution C4/2005, the right and protection to use the appellation LUNLUNTA. Due to its unique characteristics grapes carrying the appellation LUNLUNTA are considered fit for producing high quality wines.

Pablo and Ernesto´s philosophy in this new phase is to produce premium wines, avoiding any sacrifices to product and packaging quality. No short-term course action is taken, even if finantially attractive, when it is against the company´s goal of producing high-end wines. The vineyards are carefully monitored by the Agronomist Juan Giugno, who implementes a strict quality control regimen  throughout the winemaking process. “Famiglia Mosso” wines are exclusive, limited in production. Boutique wines, produced at a Boutique winery

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